Sprinkle Me

Day Two begins!

I guess I really didn’t make it clear yesterday, when I began this. But, this blog will mostly be about things I’m obsessed with. This could include a wide-variety of items, such as (and mainly… okay let’s face it all of it will be…) clothes, food, beauty products, and DIY’s!

Speaking of being obsessed, I’m currently into the nail polish “My Empire…My Rules” from the Kardashin Kolor Kollection with Nicole. Because I’ve been wearing it a lot. I decided to add a touch of sparkle and bought “Rainbow in the S-Kylie,” which is part of the same collection. I didn’t want to ditch my favorite polish just yet, so in-return, I spiced it up. You can’t beat that deal.

Let me know what you think.

As always,


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