June shoe list

This weekend, when I attended the wedding, I saw a lot of shoes that I fell in love with. So all day today, I have been browsing online for some shoes (any kind of shoe). For no particular reason– my color choice was black. I’m usually attracted to this color even though it’s not my favorite color. Any who, I have a list of my must have shoes. They are completely random and honestly I don’t even know where or when I will wear these, but when I like something I’ll grab it. I never know when I’ll need it.

Much love on this wonderful hump day 🙂 As always,


1. Sueded Pyramid Stud Loafer– $30.00

2. Sueded Side Bow Pump– $32.50

3. Metallic Trim Platform Sandal– $32.80

4. Polka Dot Bow Flats– $14.80

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