I love red

Again, with the busy days. Today, however, I have had a lot of time to think of other things other than work. I have come to realize that one thing in life that will never seize to surprise me is that life is just that– a surprise. Once you feel life is where it needs to be, things change and one has to learn to bounce back, stand tall, and move on. Life is precious and it keeps going.

Okay, okay… I’ll stop with the sappy post. Let’s talk clothes. Late evenings around Kansas are so nice (finally after loooonnnggg days of over 100 degree weather). Today, I wore the only romper I own. I love it because they are shorts, but are so loose, I feel I am wearing a dress. Dresses by the way are my favorite. The sweater gives me some warmth.

For you down- on- the- dumps girlies CHEER UP!! We can do it together 🙂

What I wore: romper, sweater, and jewelry from Forever21 and shoes from Burlington.

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