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I think (a lot lately, my brain needs a rest), some beauty products are key to making a gal feel beautiful. I’ve picked up a couple that have made me feel just that. They are so necessary to my everyday life, now thinking about it (here we go again), I don’t know if I could live without them.

I’d like to hear what your must have’s are? Also, if you are on Facebook, go like my page Aleyrojas!


1. False Eye Lashes from Sally Hansen: not always, but for a dramatic look– I’ll wear these.

2. Signature from Mary Kay, which includes eye shadows, cheek color, and lipsticks.

3. Eyestudio in Mad for Mauve from Maybelline NewYork: I just got this and I love how the color stands out.

4. Eye Shadow Applicators from e.l.f

5. Root Awakening from the John Frieda Collection: this is by far my favorite item. It def held improve my hair.

6. Concealer for eyes from Neutrogena: another fav. this is a 3-in-1 it works as a concealer, eye cream, and SPF 30.

7. Lashblast 24hr mascara from Covergirl

8. Waterproof eyeliner pen from e.l.f.

9. Eyelid Primer from e.l.f: another fav. product this really helps your eye makeup stay longer and cleaner.

10. Nailpolish “Love” from Pure ICE

11. Nailpolish “smokin’ hot” from Essie

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