A trail of beauty samples

Today wasn’t a good day at work. Technology sometimes isn’t a good friend of mine. But, after all the rushing and stressing, I came home to find something fun in the mail. Samples! Now, I’ve mentioned before my lack of knowledge in beauty products, but samples help for practice. The main reason why I love this variety is because they are all earth tones.

These are from MaryKay and I’ll name the products, mainly because I love the names!

Natural Bronzing Powders in Sanstone, Desert Sun, Pink Porcelain, and Pink Stardust.

Mineral Cheek Color in Cherry Blossom.

Mineral Eye Color in Denim Frost, Cinnabar, Honey Spice, Sweet Cream, Sienna, Coal, and Granite.

If you are interested in one of these, I can email you a sample!!!

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