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Although the fall season isn’t quite here yet, my skin hasn’t been exposed to the sun as much as it had towards the beginning of the summer. Because of this, my skin is a lot lighter. This in good timing because my old skin foundation is completely gone. One thing I like to do when this happens (I mean the transition between summer and fall sun-rays) is change up my foundation. My skin has a mind of its own, however, so I’ve had to experiment more than anything. But, it has come down to these two products. The first is my main squeeze during the summer: Covergirl Natureluxe liquid silk foudation. I usually get this one depending on how tan I am. This year I reached #340 Maple. I like this one because my skin is typically more oily; so this foundation allows my skin to look more natural. Finally my transition to fall is L’oreal’s new true match super-blendable in warm “natural beige W4.” This one too helps with my oily skin and blends my uneven skin tone during its lighter turning point. What I love the most about these two beauty products is of course the SPF sunscreen addition.

You can find these at:

Covergirl and L’oreal

pictures found at google images: follow links.

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