Old memories, help on special days

It’s my birthday! I feel completely blessed when I think about all the special and important people that have surrounded me throughout my years of life. They truly make me feel happy and special everyday. AND today, is no exception. I couldn’t help but share with you all, some of my favorite past birthday celebrations. Of course, those favorite people are featured. In case you are wondering, they are my cousins. Truly their bond is special. I cherished every moment I have lived next to them.  Without having to say, my younger brothers, who aren’t so little anymore, have been by far my best friends, they have supported me, tortured me, but have never turn their backs on me. I owe them a huge thanks. And last but, not least: the parents. I love them for so many reasons. A huge reason, however, is bringing me into this world. Shaping me. Guiding me. Making me the woman I am today.

Thank you to every one who has took the time to wish me a good one.

Love you all.

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