Wedding weekend fun; what is your take?

I know I’ve been absent for the past couple of days. But, I’m back. Or so I think. Well for now.

This weekend we traveled to Dumas, Texas for my cousin’s wedding. It was so much fun. It was magical. It was touching. It was… you name it, that’s what it was. There is just something about the unity of two people, I mean the special moment will warm anyones heart. This wedding in particular had me thinking, however. What caught my attention was during the ceremony. The father asked my cousin, who by the way is tall-handsome gentlemen, if he believed in love at first sight. He nodded, but then the father asked the whole crowd. While everyone raised their hands stating that they indeed did. I found myself twiddling my thumbs.  Now usually, I am a head-over-heels-craving-romance-kind of girl, but for some reason, no; I didn’t believe in love at first sight. So, what indeed do I believe in? At that very moment, I found myself evaluating my relationship with CP. How did I fall in love with him? And when did it happen? It was simple, kind of clear actually. I had known CP for what seemed like a really long time, even before we had began to date. So I guess that was it. I fell in love with the man he was. Through out our relationship, I have fell in love with the person he has become, how he treats me, his loyalty, his support, but most importantly how he’s always there for me. Even now that we are far away.

So does love at first sight exist? Or is just love at first attraction, I mean we are visual creatures. What’s your take on love or on weddings? Me, personally, I’m a sucker for a wedding. As a matter a fact, I have another one coming up this weekend.

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