Fur in love


I wore this outfit my to younger brother’s soccer game. It was intense. They won, but the night was super chilling. I mixed brown tone colors with the blue skinny’ s.

Outfit: beanie, belt, sweater, and jewelry from Forever21, fur vest little gift, and boots from Justfab.com




3 thoughts on “Fur in love

    1. Thank you!
      I like JustFab, but not every month. Just note that if you purchase something from them for the first time you are locked as a member and will be charged monthly. Either you buy or you get a credit. They usually have great stuff; especially the boots 🙂

      Thanks for visiting the my site.

      1. Oh, thank you! That is good to know. I like most of their styles, especially the footwear, but footwear is one of the hardest things to buy online. Thanks again!

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