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Truly beauty is in the eye of it’s beholder… but, it doesn’t hurt to help beauty just a little bit. You all know I love having friends, with that said, I’d like to introduce to you my “beautiful” friends. Most of them are related. Neautrogena related. My daily beauty rituals consists of the fresh cleansing + makeup remover Neautrogena naturals following the daily scrub “Deep Clean.” Then every night I repeat the naturals face wash with the eye makeup remover and the oil-free acne wash duo. The main reason why I love Neautrogena collection because I feel soothes, controls shine, and enriches the skin. New to the ritual is Pore Strips by Biore. I’ve only used them once, but they seem promising. They are meant to unclog and pull out even more dirt and oil. And lastly, every other day of the week, I use a clay mask/mint and lemon deep pore cleanser from Freeman. This helps detox and enhance the skin. I love the feeling.

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