My desire to spoil the ears

I have had the biggest obsession with the ear cuffs. Especially jeweled rhinestoned ones. But, for the life of me, I just couldn’t find any. Lets say I searched the end of the world for this accessory. Until today (while I did my usual web roaming), I visited Topshop, one of the newer places I visit from time-to-time. I came across more than one great find. I simply can’t decide which one to get. Let’s just say I want them all. Oh what’s a girl to do?

Which is your favorite? Do you own one? Send me a picture of your and ear cuff at


1. Wing Ear Hanger  2. Spike Ear Cuff  3. Bling Ear Curve  4. Chain Stone Ear Cuff  5. Curve Wing Earrings  6. Rhinestone Curver Ear Cuff  7. Martini Ear Hanger

All earrings can be found at TopShop


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