Green with envy

greenloveHey everyone! Sorry for my absence. I’ve been super busy with work and worst of all I’ve been super sick. I’m feeling so much better now. One thing I hate is being sick. That feeling of wanting and needing to do so much, but not have the power to do so. It’s just terrible. But, now I’m back and I’ll be blogging and keep you all updated with my latest finds. As of now, I’ve picked up some neat stuff. Like these heels. I had mentioned before how completely obsessed I had become with heel sandals. And since I had a lack of… these now add to my collection of now three. Wha hoo! The green color is what I love (since it’s my favorite).

Outfit: Peplum Top from Charlotte Russe, jeans from PacSun, and Mixx Heels from Lulu’

I will also be working on holiday guides for self, family, and friends. So stay tune. Also follow me on Facebook, Aleyrojas!


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