An aleyrojas Christmas

celebrationletterscelebrationFor me, Christmas is an important time of year. Not only because I get to spend time with family (I usually don’t get to see), but because of my faith. I come from a Mexican-Catholic family. And typical to our faith and underneath our Christmas tree is this nativity set. We laid down baby Jesus today. It’s warming to give thanks for all the wonderful blessing we have received during the year. And of course, we got to open presents. Which is just as fun. I really hope everyone was happy during the holidays, no matter how it was celebrated.



And, well, what more than great fashion, during such a wonderful time!! I ALWAYS wear red during Christmas. I just feel it makes it so much more festive. This year I wore this warm red dress. It has simple gold buttons on the shoulder pads. Since we had a cold-winter-day, I wore tights and wedges. The outfit was cozy. And I need cozy visiting everyone around. Also, and because I typically don’t, I took more time doing my eye makeup. I put a little dark-shimmer-purple from an eye shadow kit I received as a gift (I will share later).

Outfit: dress from Forever21, flower tights from Charlotte Russe, wedges from PacSun

Cheers to Christmas!


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