Football madness

BroncosOkay, I admit. I am literally that typical girlfriend. The one that doesn’t know one thing about football. Yup, that’s me. CP is in LOVE with the Denver Broncos. So naturally, I am a Broncos fan too. Not because I have too, but honestly because I have fell in love with the game as well. At first watching Denver play prompt spending quality time with CP, but watching him so into this team, made me want to push knowledge into my little brain. And thus, I began to understand football. That doesn’t make me a pro. But, it makes watching games with CP so much more fun. And because I have showed interest. CP is buying me the works. Starting with this shirt. I love.

Go Broncos.

Outfit: Broncos shirt gift from CP, beanie and military inspired coat from Forever21, jeans for PacSun, and shoes from Charlotte Russe.



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