Voluminous lashes

I have tiny eye lashes. So tiny in fact, sometimes, I feel I hardly have any. I’ve been through a lot of mascaras lately. In search for the perfect one. I don’t mean to say there’s a right or wrong one, but considering my needs, I had to find one that would make my lashes look longer and not necessarily fuller. I also didn’t want them to look over the top. My recent find is Voluminous Million Lashes from L’Oreal. This one is black. It’s been perfect for defining my lashes without too much clump. I sweep about two times, wait a bit for drying time, and use the lash curler (mine is from Revlon) about two times and I get volume like no other.

Now that Voluminous!

You can find the Voluminous Million Lashes at any drug store. Mine was purchased at Wal-Mart.


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