Lovely things I’ve picked up

Hi all. I’ve been a little busy with work, so I’ve had a hard time posting. I hope it winds down because I’ve picked up a lot of items I want to share. Until then, I’ll leave you with some of my current loves. 

ImageI’ve picked up three Color Show nail polishes from Maybelline. I’m currently wearing Pinkalicious 170. 


I haven’t had the chance to wear these yet. I seriously can’t wait. Found in JC Penny’s. Love the giraffe print. 

ImageLike seriously, every color in this set is amazing. This was a Christmas gift. Love, Love. 

ImageYou all know how much I love rings, single, and simple. So these were perfect and where only  $5 from Target. Yay. I’ve worn the black diamond like 5 times already. 




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