Pink for your thoughts

Burr, burr, burr. We are still in the cold zone. I wish it was gone. So I’ve stayed inside. But, I’ve had some to think about some things I’d love to see in my closet. I have way too much black, well dark colors, so I thought. Light and soft is probably a good change. So here’s to pink. Oh and there still some black in there. 


I love lace, jewels, and flamingos. Yay, I’ll keep you posted on any new pink finds soon. Praying for warm weather. So I can show you all what I wear. Until then. Keep warm. 

  1. Savvy Handbag from at $39.99 
  2. BKE Statement Necklace from The Buckle at $16.95
  3. Open Lace Back Dress from Forever21 at $22.80
  4. Sunglasses from H&M at $6.95
  5. Sweatshirt from H&M at $39.95

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