Work it


It seems like all I’ve been talking about lately is work, work, and more work. So, I thought it fair to share with you all sort of-kind of, what I wear at work. Now a lot depends on what’s on the agenda. Note: I’m a one-man-band reporter. So I carry a 25 lb camera, microphone, and tripod to every journey. Not every moment is heel worthy. But, when I’m down to work in the office rather than out in the field. I choose, heels and pencil skirts. My favorite. I’m pretty tiny, so the pencil skirt and heels seem to add some length. 

Yikes: did you all see my massive tan lines. I’m working on it okay. 

Outfit: top and pencil skirt from JC Penny’s and brown heels from Charlotte Russe 



Lunch Break 

Like I said not every moment is a heel day. I rest in the sun. You know let the toes roam free. 



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