What I’m thankful for

What? Aleyrojas is posting? It’s been far too long friends. Unfortunately, I’ve been through a series of misfortunate events. But, thankfully things are looking up and I’m back. Stronger than ever. I’ll share with you all later what great revaluation I went through. First, let’s start off with my Thanksgiving outfit.


Today, I am thankful for family! My mom especially. She’s been my best friend, my rock, and practically my salvation, through my very difficult time. She’s the main reason, I’m coming back to the blogger world. She inspires me to be a better person. Tied for first, is my dad. The only man who will love me unconditionally, because it’s me and no one else. The three-way tie goes to my little brothers, they are younger, but more than wise. These people put a huge smile on face. And goodness knows I’ve had to face a lot.

Now let’s talk clothes. I’ve been keeping cozy this winter. Wearing high boots and sweaters. I just bought this sweater at JC Penny’s. I feel it’s perfect for the holiday season. I’ve been going through a dark period, so the wine colored tights add to the occasion.

Thanks to my followers, you all are amazing. Cheers and warm wishes.

Outfit: sweater from JC Penny’s, skirt from Forever21, and boots from Justfab.com


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