Year: 2014

Boots and beanies

It’s been all about the bb for me, as I have been blogging about lately. Boots and beanies. My two huge lifesavers. I wore this outfit in the classroom and topped it off with the beanie after work.   I’m still baring the cold coatless, we’ll see how long this continues as we are expected […]

Faith and Love

A lot of you have been requesting I share a picture about my tattoo. I’m sharing it and and explaining a little bit of what it means to me. First of all, this is my third tattoo. All three of my tattoos are pretty meaningful to me in the sense that they have a faith […]


Before the Victoria Secret Fashion starts, let me post a little something, something. I mainly wore this outfit because of my new booties from I have been wearing them during this cold weather. I wear them with absolutely everything.    I’ve been pretty brave lately in the sense that I haven’t been wearing a […]

Lip Selfie

Lately I’ve been experimenting with different shades of purple lipsticks. I love purple. Hence the fact that I’ve started a mini-collection. Of course, some have became favorites. Right now my go-to brand is Revlon. The current shades I’m using are: Mauvy Nigh 473, Iced Amethyst 625, Violet Frenzy, 027, and Black Cherry 477.    These […]


I promised I’d post more. So I apologize for the dark photos. We’ve had some pretty cold days. Gloomy. Ugly. And cold, did I mention cold? To keep warm I’ve been double layering everything. I guess I should love the darkness since I love to dress in dark clothes. I have paired my gifted camo […]

Before the sunsets

I love anything that has to do with the sky. The moon. The sun. The rain. The sunset. The sunrise. But, during daylight saving season, the one thing I’m not very fond of is the sun setting so early. I just feel as if there isn’t enough time in the day to do anything important–like […]

Welcome December

I’ve been doing a pretty terrible job at keeping you all updated on life lately. I hate to bore everyone with the “I’ve been so busy out of my mind” blah blah blah nonsense. So, I’ll skip the dramatics and I’ll simply say hello. The truth is a lot has happened to me in the […]

The countdown

Something pretty exciting is happening soon. October 4 will mark year 26 for me! I know it may sound super cliche of me to begin a countdown of my birthday or to even look forward to the day I was born, but past circumstances have prompt me to act. By act, I mean free of […]

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