Comeback kid


Hello. I’m back. For the time being. April marked my 3 year annie of Sadly, I wasn’t able to post. This girl has been super busy teaching and working towards her master’s degree. It’s super time consuming. The truth is, I’ve missed catching up with you all. So, May 1, a new month and a new beginning prompted me to start back up again. This time, I hope, I can stay consistent. 

I have so much to share with you guys, like my new hair do. I got bangs and went with ombre color. I’ve been in love with the style since the first day I got it done. (I just keep staring at myself in the mirror and shamelessly taking selfies for days). 

And you all know, I’m a sucker for a good combat boot, so also new are these military boots from Forever21. 

April shower’s, May brings the comeback kid. 

Outfit: stripped top and bracelets from Maurices, blazer from JC Penny’s, jeans from Pac Sun, boots and rings from Forever21. 


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