Living… Finally

In the mists of my practically being single for an entire year anniversary– I’ve finally accepted the fact that he’s not coming back.

A fact that had been haunting me at night. A feeling that had been consuming me for the past 9 months. The truth was that I was living with uncertainty.

Just when I thought I couldn’t figure who “me” was, I was hit with a dose of reality. That reality was life. Life itself smack in the face. Life and God (whom I should thank) allowed me accept my worst fear. The letting go and moving on phase.

As soon as I “accepted” and faced that fear. I began to live again. And living hasn’t felt so “me.”


So commenced my personal journey. And by journey I mean my total Eat, Pray, Love moment. I suddenly was inspired to do things (travel, eat what I chose, be alone with God) for myself.

Hence the fact that I found love in packing for my trip to self discovery with a little help from Inger and Norway.

My first love was digging the suitcase, then came booking the ticket, then I fell in love with the adventure I would soon be having with my tall- blonde- beautiful-friend from college. Not to mention the love for my clothes (I love those items) But, the true leap, was actually leaving. Yes, escaping, but running away to find self. Myself.

I smile now thinking about it.

I’m currently stuck in Atlanta, pondering. It’s been happening a lot lately. I’ll keep you updated.

My next stop Boston.

For now– as I sit here thinking– alone. I find myself closer and closer to God. I guess praying helps. I also suppose that walking through faith has given me the courage to venture out.

I encourage you to do the same.

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