St. Hans Day in Norway


Since I have stepped foot in Norway, I have been wide-eyed at the marvelous scenery the country has to offer. Mind you that Kansas is flat, so Norway kind of won its way into my heart from the start.



Today, Inger took me to her town’s festival. It was an eventful day as I got to experience a lot of firsts. Here’s my list: first time at the ocean– check. First time on a boat– check. First time to picnic on an island–check. First time on a boat harbor– check.






To end the day, we hung out by a burning bonfire by a large lake. The day was perfect. It was a breath of fresh air. This day gave me the chance to be “me”.




And just when I thought my world and everything I knew was shattered and uncertain, my life made perfect sense. I wasn’t meant to stay grounded, but to grow, to see, and venture. I used to be full of limits, goodness how boring was I? But now, I’m hungry. I’m starving. I need to fulfill myself (with a lot of Norwegian chocolate) adventure. Because I’ve learned this saying to be true, “after every storm, there is a rainbow.”

And this rainbow hasn’t been so beautiful…




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