Each day we are faced with different challenges. It maybe the beginning of a new job. It maybe rekindling an old flame. Venturing into the unknown. Or simply starting over. 

Lately, and more often than I want to, I’ve been reflecting on the past two years of my life. Major life changes have taken place within these years. And although, I don’t want to go there anymore, it amazes me on how much I’ve changed–both inside and out. 

Hair Transformation

After every major life situation I under went, as a way to cope (boost myself esteem), my hair also changed.

This week I went to the salon for a back-to-school makeover. As I was getting my hair shampooed (by the way, this is my favorite part) I thought to myself “Geez, you Aley have been to the moon and back. The journey harder than expected, you dodged alien predators, discovered life on another planet, and your ship was rocked by unwanted debris, but somehow you are still here; alive and looking good.” 

The truth is, while I have been through a lot, one thing that has always made me feel like I could walk with my head held high is the fact that I’m proud of the woman I see in the mirror everyday. It may sound silly, but my hair transformation as helped me overcome this. I feel that looking good on the outside is a shield that allows you to walk confidently. It helps you face the evil ex, the busy work week, and the mean girls. Feeling good through my hair has helped me adapt to change because it makes me feel like a new person, like I can start over fresh. 

And I have so far. 

I can’t believe I had boy short hair two years ago. Man where has the time gone. 

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