Back to School jitters


I could not sleep last night to save my life. I mixed so many emotions about returning to work. I was anxious, nervous, and I believe I had butterflies that later turned into goosebumps. I suppose it doesn’t matter if you are a returning student, a newcomer, a teacher, or administrator; you will always get “coming back to school jitters.”

Education is so important to me for many reasons. This career transformed my life when I was feeling the lowest. The interaction with the students has pushed me to be a better person, not only for myself, but for them. It truly is rewarding. Not to mention fun.

Today marks my second year in this profession. And just like every first day of school, new clothes is a must. This is why I purchased this dress last month. While my outfit is paired with black, the silver shoes throw the look off.

I hope everyone, who has already passed the first day of school hump, has survived and striven.

Outfit: dress from JC Penny’s, earrings were gifted, and shoes from Shoedazzle (similar shoe here)

DSC_8398 DSC_8394

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