Three days left: expanding the mind

Tuesday is about over, which means year 26 is just around the corner. Literally.

Now that I feel like I’m getting older I feel as if I also need to get bolder. So I’ve started a mini-library. My small collection includes books that have helped me cope with my heartbreak. My all time favorite is of course The Single Woman by Mandy Hale.

The two newest books I’ve picked up are love poems. One includes the best from Shakespeare, Robert Frost, Walt Whitman, to John Keats and Edgar Allen Poe. The second includes love poem from God.

Then my tear jerkers and think-twice-about-life- books include Eat Pray Love, a book I’ve quote multiple times. I attempted an Eat Pray Love moment of my own this summer when I visited Norway and it really helped me see that there is life beyond Kansas and my shielded heart. Then there’s the Fault in Our Stars, what can I say about this book other than, it truly makes you value love and life. It helped my grasp the definition of pain and infinity.

What book is in your library.


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