Cheers to living

Cheers to living.

I’ve thought about what living actually means to me. Although every day, I live, in theory there are certain things missing. Some of the missing things in my life will come with time, patience, and faith. And the other things will come with courage and spontaneity. I plan to do everything possible to live life accordingly and selflessly. It’s only fair. I want to give to myself, but I also want to give to others. Sometimes this feels like a tug-o-war competition. Honestly it’s a work in progress.

I’ve decided that instead of focusing this blog on my number one love: shoes and dresses, I’d shift gears and will share daily life photos, personal inspiration, and finds. Don’t worry, I won’t stop posting about fashion.

With this being said, here’s life currently.

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1. Two thousand fifteen will mark some pretty neat and important dates for me and my family. Since my blog has been altered a bit, one of the things you’ll see me post a lot about is my family. After all they are my rock and shield. My dad has turned 50. My mom will be 50 in April. My oldest brother just turned 23 and my younger brother will be 22. Plus and not to mention my parents have been married for 29 years. Their love lives on–stronger than ever–in evidence that life is worth living. My grandpa despite the fact that has been battling cancer for a year now is still rocking and by rocking I mean it in every sense of the word. This man is to tough. His birthday is the first of the year, which means every New Year is that much special.

2. I’ve been surrounded by men my whole life. Every single man in my life is strong, ambitious, stubborn, mean, and tough on me. From my younger brothers, to my dad, to my grandparents, I’ve been raised in a man’s world. But, I love it. Although I tend to have a tough exterior because of these lovely gentlemen, I’ve never stopped being a girl. It’s an amazing feeling, being a woman, only women will understand what I mean by this.

3. The only woman in my life has been my mother, who literally has been there for me since the beginning of my life. There’s no question about it. I can’t wait until she turns 50, but all the while, I’d like to stop time. I’d do anything to keep her this young and fabulous as long as possible.

4. Did I mention that Def Leppard will be in my area in soon?! I literally peed my tights in pure excitement. This is part of the living that I need to focus on. The “going out and exploring” living portion of my life is under construction. I’ve been to Vegas and to Norway already. I’ve mountain climbed and zip lined. And I just want to continue to explore.

There is a wave a good things flying in. I’ll keep you posted if you promise to read, to be patient, and to open your heart.

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