It’s a bit fishy

Excuse my absence.

My spring break was absolutely breath taking, awesome, adventurous, and life changing– Literally!

Before my trip to the wonderful island of Cozumel, Mexico, I unexpectedly transformed into a pescetarian.


I know it seems silly to think that all it took was for me to look at clear water to fully emerge myself into a different lifestyle, but that’s not the case. For me, becoming a pescetarian is unexplainable. I find it hard to tell others why I decided to try this new way of living. All I can say is that it was a calling, for me, giving up meat was a sacrifice I saw fit both physically and spiritually. First I decide to attempt this fish diet during lent. Spiritually it worked. Jesus prepared himself for 40 days and 40 nights before performing the ultimate sacrifice, who would have known, that in some way I’d be doing the same thing. Most of you know that as of late, I’ve become a little more obsessed with being fit, so physically this new way of living has helped me eat healthier as well.

And speaking of eating, it hasn’t been easy. Naturally, I didn’t think it would be. Honestly I didn’t know what to expect. I’d like to consider this a new journey and a “learn as you go” process. So far, it’s been amazing because I’ve treated my taste buds to a variety of dishes I probably would have overlooked otherwise.

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My journey with fish began in Cozumel. I tried shrimp quesadillas, a huge fish burrito, a fish stick salad (with yummy raspberry dressing), and a clam and lobster hot soup, all for the very FIRST time.

My life has been all about new, firsts, and growing experiences. I’m learning about life through tiny (and meaningful) alterations. And now that Lent and Easter is over I find myself a new person. God’s greatest love with his ultimate sacrifice, it was the most he could. Now the least I can do is live through him, for myself.

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