Valencia Day 1: But now they’re dead 

It’s pretty obvious that I have posted as of lately.

But, today in class we started the blogger series and I shared with my Digital Media Students my blog.  It was sort of rough showing this site to them because while at one point I was pretty passionate about this medium, I had fell off partly because of a lot of personal situation. I enjoy getting personal with my students, but sometimes privacy makes better sense.

Any who, this weeks assignment is focused on blogging. My students are to think of a series topic, brainstorm, and then write about that topic in a time span of five days. So, all of this blogging got me thinking. Where is my life at now? How the heck is my blog doing anyway? The answer to those is –nowhere fast–

So in inspiration to them and me (why  not, I have to push myself) I’ll begin my own mini series on this site once again.

 In a nutshell, I’ve only used my Nikon camera about a handful of times which is incredibility embarrassing. Instead I’ve been using my iPhone 5. It’s pretty crazy. I’m sort of addicted to Instagram, although I’m not really that good at figuring out the filters, there’s one in particular that I love. Valenica. I use this filter in every single one of my pictures.

So I decided that for the next 10 days I’m going to document my life via my phone (yes) and the Valenica filter. Cross your fingers I stay loyal.

Day 1: I received flowers from an old love on the first day of school. It was a nice sentiment considering he and I are nowhere near in good terms. I placed them on my desk and watch them die off.

Here’s my theory. These flowers (the dead version) is my relationship with him. Face palm. It all make sense. This simple gesture made me realize that, yes, these flowers where once beautiful, colorful, and full of life (love), but now they are dead, forgotten, hard.

What once was, may never be again.

For me, it’s important to recognize that these flowers signify both the good and the bad. The beautiful and the ugly. My current life and past existence.

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