27 something or other

 This month marked the 27th year of my birth. Yay! When the day inched closer, I entered into a state of funk (depression). It was inevitable that I turn another year older, yet somehow, I plotted a million ways to stop my birthday from happening. It’s impossible. It’s going to happen. It happened. It actually happened. Because it was supposed to happen, because it was meant to happen.
It’s no big deal.
It’s not so bad being 27. It’s a good thing. A wonderful thing, actually, to live another year.
Here’s a list of 27 things I’m thankful for that have made my life that much better.
1. Health
2. Healthy parents and siblings
3. God
4. Healthy grandparents (all four still live)
5. Music
6. Photography
7. Soccer
8. Books
9. Being able to go to Peru and serve on a mission trip
10. My job (being a teacher rocks!)
11. My students (who make my job worth it)
12. Hamburgers
13. That ab machine at the gym
14. Romantic movies
15. Green tea
16. Charlie and Chloe
17. Makeup (more or so when I’m not feeling all that great)
18. Popcorn
19. My bed
20. The sun
21. Life
22. Poems
23. That boy that broke my heart
24. Church
25. Nail polish
26. High heels
27. My birthday
1 IMG_2272 IMG_3222(1) IMG_3223 ypk1I0_ZVo0P4PMY21KTSIP9OcW3eavZOPJPYLXptdMIMG_2297  51TA38ooAFrvpQNWshvZwycAmJqqL-wz3A6lbtOber4 To help celebrate my birthday, my best friend and I visited my cousin in Colorado. We went ziplining and later we walked the downtown area of Denver. I also got a new tattoo I’ll share with you all soon.

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