Rock on (Def Leppard adventure)


I have always felt something inside of me “rock.” But, for the longest time ever, I wasn’t quiet sure what it was. That was until, I listen to Photograph by Def Leppard.

It’s hard to understand why a Mexican-cultured girl would even consider listening to this band, so let me explain. When I was finishing up my undergrad, I had the silly idea to “google” songs about photos. This was just for fun. I was currently taking a photography class and my brain needed some major coffee during finals week.

Insanely enough, Photograph was the first song I click on, and rest is history. Rock of Ages for sure. Since then, I’ve been a “Foolin” for this rock band. So when I discovered that they were going to be in the area, I mean c’mon, I had to go.

And so I went, and it…time…of…my…LIFE. It’s going to be really hard to beat this experience.

Oh yea and I sort of wore this: boots from Forever21, jeans from The Buckle, top from Charlotte Russe, and choker from Hot Topic.

*You also get a peek at my new tattoo…

black1 black2 black3 black4 black5

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