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In case you missed it, I adopted a new hair color. So, in honor of Throwback Thursday, I decided to share with you all my hair transformation through the past years. 2012

In 2012, I had the crazy idea to chop my entire hair and get this pixie cut. Alice Cullen was my idol, so I thought, eh why not. Thus began not only my obsession with looking feminine, but also my headaches in growing my locks.


Slowly, but surely my hair grew. Word of advice if you are going cut your locks drastically know in advance that the growing out stages is not pleasant. There are multiple months that are awkward. There will be days where your hair will cooperate and allow you do pull it up, other days… forget it.


I literally jumped up and down, when my hair passed touched my shoulders. Heck I even cart wheeled when my hair passed them. Ombre was literally the thing last year, so I followed the trend and even went with drastic bands. This was probably my favorite part of the Aley for Hair Movement.


That same year, I added a Regis protein based shampoo and my hair grew a whole lot in the last six months of the year, up until mid 2015. It grew so much that I even lost the bands. And I can finally “see” the difference in length.


Above is my current hair, this time around I went for a deep/dark burgundy color. This is the first time that I go for this color. I love it so much. Next month my hair dresser encouraged me to visit her so we can add a violet tint. I’m pretty pumped.

*Literally if you’re ever in Kansas, visiting Leslie at Exotica will not disappoint you. I am a firm believer in having trust in the person who touches your hair. This girl always makes me feel wonderfully beautiful.

Feel free to send me questions concerning hair cuts and length statuses.

Do I think you should drastically change your hair? YES! Do it!

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