Giving it a try

When it comes to beauty, I fail at life. I don’t have a beauty routine whatsoever. Hey, I rarely comb my hair. But, my brain for some reason, has been eating at me. It’s practically begging me to feed it with “beauty knowledge.”

Thank goodness for the Birchbox.

A couple of my friends have been gifting me items they receive in their boxes because, according to them, I’d rock it. Little do they know that I have absolutely no idea what looks good on my face, let alone what I should put on the thing.

I wing it, LITERALLY, I put a small wing eye line and off I go. When I was younger (oh the teenage years) I wouldn’t notice uneven skin tone areas, fine lines, rough areas, but now, man oh man. So, I decided to give the Birchbox a try. I received the first month not too long ago, and I’m here to report that the items, although foreign, have been both amazing and helpful.


  1. The Oribe: Dry Texturizing Spray–my hairstlyest recommended that I not wash my hair as often. But, my hair is oily, so this spray which is both a dry shampoo and a volume booster was an answered prayer. I’ve been using it for the past two days and let’s just say, I may never wash my hair again.
  2. Acure Organics: Cell Stimulating Facial Mask–the description says it all. This is a green mask, but there’s an extra punch at the end. So, instead of just washing off, the clay turns into soap. (Magical Moment)
  3. EXO Supply Co.: PureRemover Wipes-Lavender–I haven’t tried these yet, but I got two in my box. My mom has already tried the first packet and she claims it worked well. Sorry to disappoint with this item, but we didn’t try it on the go.
  4. Benefit Cosemtics: They’re Real! Mascara–It would appear that the majority of the items in my box this month were answered prayers. For weeks, I have been meaning to purchase a new mascara, to switch up my regular. It’s just really hard to find one exactly or even better than the one you are currently in love with. However, this mascara worked amazingly. My lashes looked looonnggg and thick. I even got a compliment today by several students.
  5. dr.brandt: microderabrasion skin exfoliant–this is the most expensive item in the box if purchased at regular price, but I can see why. The mircobeads were so tiny and effective this left my skin looking fresh and new just after two days of using it. Sadly, I loved it so much, I already used up this little tube.

*Of course I’ll keep you all updated on what’s inside my new box.

3 thoughts on “Giving it a try

  1. I also got the face mask and the remover wipes in my October Birchbox. I love them both. I know you said you haven’t used the wipes yet so heads up they are pretty oily but they work great.

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