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Keeping in mind my post from last week, you know the one where I talk about how little I know about beauty and stuff? Since then, interest has been peaking in my little brain. So it’s as if the great beauty wind has blown into my life because my friend Berenice asked me to model (she basically wanted to use my face) products for the brand Mary Kay.

All courtesy of Berenice, I received a facial and makeup tutorial, using the brands new top of the line products. Again, keep in mind, I know nothing. But, I learned so much during the process.

For example how to apply blush, eye shadow, and that the lips need to be exfoliated just as thoroughly as the rest of the face.

DSC_3184 DSC_3185 DSC_3205

Because I’m not an expert, yet, the only real testimony I can give is that my face felt 100% better after the entire facial procedure. I fell in love with the satin lip treatment and will probably purchase this product here pretty soon. In the make-up department, I really fell in love with the loose powder, the blush, and the gel eyeliner. All of the products seemed to work well with my skin, which is oily to normal the majority of the time.

DSC_3204 DSC_3220

In addition to the beauty review, I have to praise the work Berenice did because she not only taught me new tricks, she expanded my brain with beauty health tips. Berenice along with the staff were knowledgeable not only on the product, but also on the skin and health.

Believe it or not, they did all of this without trying to purposely sell me Mary Kay.

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