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Happy Birthday a’pa! 394860_10151349479564837_616060183_n

Today is my father’s birthday!

There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe how much love I have for this man. It’s pretty simple, yet so complicated to show him how much I appreciate everything he has done for me and for all those special moments he has shared with me.

Many of you, who have read my previous posts, know that I went through a pretty dark situation, one that challenged my trust. For awhile I wasn’t able to trust another guy, but thanks to my dad and his words of infinite wisdom–it’s safe to say I have no trust issues.

My father, a hard working man with little-to-no education, has pushed me beyond reason to be the woman I am today. I value him and cherish him, not only today, but everyday. He’s taught me to be strong, independent, a fighter, a go getter, humble, kind, and willing to work for what I believe in.

I am my father’s daughter and he will always be that special man in my life.

Happy Birthday daddy, Feliz Cumpleanos Papi te querio como no tienes idea.


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