Velvet love


The more and more I actually “go shopping” to the point where I take my time and find items that may or may not fit in my closet; I’m surprised at how much my style has evolved. What I’ve noticed is that it’s becoming more personal and less what I think everyone will be wearing.

It feels good to dress myself for me.

During my last shopping adventure (the one my dad requested) I came across this velvet top. Typically, this item wouldn’t have made it into my wardrobe, but as soon as I saw it, I immediately came up with different way to style the top. Stay tune.

Also, I was in desperate need of work pants. These, from The Limited, were made in heaven especially for short girls with a some junk in the trunk. I transitioned the bottoms from work to street in a squared second.

Outfit: top and vest from Forever 21 and bottoms from The Limited.


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