Turtle neck


It’s still pretty cold in parts of Kansas. We live a tad bit out of town, where the snow plows don’t seem to make it to, but that’s okay because we love snow.

I can’t believe that in 24 short days Christmas will grace us with its splendor. And, as I was telling my students, we only have 12 days left in the semester. It means busy time, but it also means winter break is nearing.

I have a bunch of items already picked out from online shopping sites that are potentials. And I can see a major mall run in the near future.

Because I’m so anxious to get into the Shopping (I mean Christmas) spirit, I picked out this turtle neck from Forever 21 awhile back and since then I’ve worn it on several occasions. Today it makes its debut on the blog alongside my favorite jacket.

*Side note: I’ve been getting a lot of love lately on here and I just want to say thank you, a BIG Thanks to everyone who supports me on this medium. It means the world. I really hope I can continue to provide content on the regular.


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