First Collaboration with Aisle Style

I’m pretty excited to share this news with you all.

I have partnered up with Aisle Style in order to share their affordable prom dresses.

The company contacted me a couple of weeks ago and after some major researching, I’m pleased to review some of their products.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 7.03.35 PM

Here’s what the site actually looks like, click here in order to browse the site.

Now, I know I’m not in high school anymore, and there’s no need for me to be prom dress shopping; so I sought advice from my students. I had five different students (of all walks) review the site. They helped me pick out the next items. For them, these following dresses were what “I’d supposedly wear to prom” if I was still a high schooler.

Mind you, they are all black, but the site literally has a million and one different colors.

Dress 1 is halter neck. It includes lace and embellished crystal detailing. This dress is also mermaid style.

Dress 2 is sexy black and includes lace. This is probably “the” favorite from the batch. This dress also has an overlay tulle shoulder strap and it’s also mermaid style. The back is keyhole.

Dress 3 has a shimming crystals patter in the neck area. It’s also long and has a long sheath split. I really liked this dress because it was very simple, but elegant at the same time.

Dress 4 has a sexy sparkle and shine to the top portion. The back has a deep split as well long black jersey in the front. Yay for legs!

Dress 5 has a chic front with a crosses crystal beaded pattern. It is long and includes a sequin tulle bottom in mermaid style. This has the right amount of sparkle and shine.

Dress 6 is a short tulle dress with a sequin beaded bodice. It’s also backless. I really like the bodice section because it was unique.

What’s more, the site has a unique and extensive selection of prom dresses. It also has a bridesmaid and special occasion section for those looking at something besides prom dresses. What more thing I really enjoyed about the site is that it has an amazing size and scale chart.

Please feel free to message me with questions or simply go to the Aisle Style site.


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