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I have played soccer since I was 9 years-old.

When it comes to being a girlie-girl, you’ve got it. I’ll wear the dress, do the make up, accessorize, pack the purse with all the goods. But when you are looking for a high-passion-competitive athlete, I don’t fall short.

From grass stains, to blocking, to kicking the ball around, to slide tackling, to running. I absolutely love running after a soccer ball.

But, and there is a HUGE but, my toes/feet/legs pay the price for my love of this sport. Example below. DSC_3576

These are toes and their nails after a fun round at summer league soccer. Pretty nice huh? So summer league soccer ended in August and it’s now December, so you’re probably wondering why it’s taken me so long to get a pedi?

The answer is pretty simple: since a completely different side of me comes to life once I step foot on the pitch, by toes were victims of some brutality.

Today, they were spoiled rotten. Hey they deserved it, don’t you think?


Now I know my nails look absolutely horrendous. They were severely bruised and as you can see they will fall off eventually. This was the main reason I waited so long to get them done. I needed them to heal.

Since the nails are severely bruised up I almost always have to go with a darker shade. Today I opted for a deep purple O.P.I Suzi Mio.

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