Burgundy leather


Although it might not seem like it; there are a lot of awesome things taking place in these photos.

For one are these burgundy leather pants. Ever since my hair went that color it seems like my clothes have followed pattern. So it was almost perfect when my first StitchFix mail order came in that these pants were present. When things like this happen it just seems like the universe aligns just for you. It’s magical.

Second are my new pointed oxford’s from Forever 21. I have been searching the depths of the ocean for a pair as perfect and shiny as these. I’ve about lost all hope, when I decided to browse the site one last time and ran into these. I’ll probably be wearing them all this week. So don’t tire.

Third and in case you didn’t notice there are a lot more photos in today’s post than before. I have to confess that I take my own photos. I love being a photographer. But, it’s really hard to take photos of yourself. I’ve been struggling and majorly practicing as of late. Sometimes my techniques work and other times it’s just a mess. It’s a work in progress and I know I have a looonnnggg way to go. But let’s do a happy dance because today’s photos aren’t atrocious.

Oh and fourth, we got snow again, it’s wonderful.


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