Sweater weather


So far (luckily) we have had pretty nice weather. I mean it isn’t nice or toasty by any means, but I’ve gone jacket-less. Let me knock on wood.

My Sunday and Monday were spent at the mall, Christmas shopping for everyone, even me. I picked up a lot of nice items that I can’t wait to share with you all. Today, I’m proud to showcase my new sweater, denim, and boots.

First let’s talk about the sweater. It’s burgundy. There.

Second, the boots, are Steve Madden. I did a lot of research trying to find the perfect pair to replace my old boots, you all probably grew tired of, but these babies caught my eye. And it was love. I wanted so desperately for a pair that had laces, but I guess that obsession went out the window. So here’s to the new boots you all will grow weary of. Enjoy.

Sweater and jeans from Pac Sun. DSC_3749DSC_3761DSC_3762DSC_3750DSC_3756DSC_3765DSC_3763

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