Repeat green


Yesterday I talked about how much fun I had shopping for everyone’s gift, including me. Apart from yesterday’s sweater, I also picked up this green one. It truly is sweater weather around here, well for now, because next week we are expected to receive a bunch of snow, and ice, and wind. Lovely. Until then I think I’ll skip around wearing short skirts and no jacket.

*It’s been a long time since I’ve worn this skirt and it was really hard for me iron it. So, if anyone has any tips, please share.

Sweater and wedges from Pacsun and skirt from Forever21


2 thoughts on “Repeat green

  1. Try flipping the skirt over and getting a bandana/handkerchief and misting it with water and ironing it over the skirt. I do that with most delicate clothing I need to iron.

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