Reminiscing on 2015

This morning I woke up to that pesky “Storage is Full: you can manage your storage in Settings,” message on my iPhone. Yay! Boo!

Instantly I opened up my photo albums and gazed upon photos after of photos of my life in 2015. Goodness it was a year. Maybe the message served as an indicator to not clean out my phone, but to reminisce on this wonderful year. So as a tribute, here are some of my most favorite moments of the year.

Warning, this is going to be the longest post EVER! Enjoy! See you all next year.


This year during Spring Break I took a trip to Cozumel, Mexico with my cousin Diana. It was so amazing, warm, relaxing, ect., This was the very first time I ever set foot on the beach. It was mythical. It also left me with the hunger to visit paradise again. IMG_2240

While in Cozumel, I did another first. I snorkeled. Ah it was so fun to swim with the fish and to see so many beautiful coral reefs. Note: I had no idea how to swim prior to my trip; I took at least 5 swim sessions to get me to even float. The rest is history. IMG_2347

During Easter, I because a godmother for the second time. God has worked so many wonders in my life these past years, but this blessing is beyond anything imaginable. I have learned so much about my relationship with God through my godson. IMG_2488

If it seems like 2015 was the year of travel, then we will call it just that. My best friend, Cheli, invited me to go to San Antonio for her birthday weekend. We spent the majority of the time touring the River Walk and taking picture behind beautiful paintings. IMG_2537

We were also pretty intense and sky dived. This is how I pretty much began my summer; jumping out of a plane. Talk about celebrating our friendship. Again, another first.IMG_2579

Here’s another first. Okay this year was the “Year of Firsts,” too. Before I went off on my bag backing hiatus; my brothers and I went to my very first baseball game. We went to support the Royals. This was during their wonderful winning journey to captivate the World Series. IMG_2652

Then, I was off to Peru for the trip of my life. IMG_2676

This trip was beyond spiritual, cleansing, and faith filled. Jesus called me at the right time and I met him through the people of Iquitos. My mission work prompted me to become a better Christian. A small part of me was left behind on the edges of the Amazon River, with the people (that although struggle daily) find blessings everyday. Philippines 4:13. IMG_2787

After my mission work was complete, I traveled further south, and hiked the Machu Picchu region of Peru. This site was No. 1 on the bucket list. The most pivotal moment was when the clouds broke and their before me stood one of the 7 Wonders of the World. The view was so spellbinding that it was almost unrealistic. I had to pinch myself. IMG_2809

Before taking off from the lovely city of Cusco, I forced myself to try to eat alpaca meat. This isn’t something I would normally try on the regular, but because it was a Peruvian tradition, I considered it a “when in Rome” moment. Hey it was good. Trust me. IMG_2822

After my South American expedition, I jetted to Mexico City, again for the first time. I have a great uncle that lives and works in the central part of the city. In the mornings I would accompany him to work and in the meantime I would walk the streets and site see the Palacio de Bellas Artes and el Zocalo. The architecture in the area was to die for. I absolutely loved taking pictures in that area. IMG_2830

During my week at the DF, I took a tour bus to the “Valle de Chapultepec.” This park area was so wonderful and beautiful I stayed the majority of my time there gazing at the design and structure of the ruins and museums.

On my way back, I was able to see El Angel de la Independencia, which was also on my bucket list. IMG_2913

From the city to the farm. Before I made my way back home, I stopped by and visited my grandparents. My grandpa was quick to use my help around the ranch. I feed and watered the cows. At night I stayed up and had coffee with them. There was no better feeling than home. IMG_2951

Miranda is my first godchild. An interesting fact about this little one is that she hates being celebrated. She hates cake. She hates people making a fuss about her. She’s a much better person than me. This year, she surprised all of us, when she said she wanted a birthday party. She called me randomly and told me specifically how she planned her BIG day to be. All she asked from me is that I wear, “one of those pretty dresses you always wear ‘nina'” You got it girl. IMG_2974

Because I missed Cheli so much during break, I had to literally spend an entire night with her, this was the looonnngggest night of my life. However it’s always a party with this girl. IMG_3043

If you think my traveling stopped in Durango, nope… you’re wrong. My parents traveled there at the beginning of August and took me with them again. This time, and with much more relax time, I rode a horse, went to several rodeos, ate tacos, danced, tanned, and ate….again. IMG_3077

As a family, we traveled to visit my uncle, who lives in Torreon –home of Los Santos–my favorite MX soccer team. Of course my dad scored some real nice seats and I even let a little kid paint my face!IMG_3094

The next morning, Alan and I bid farewell to our  native land, by walking around the centro. It so happened that the city had a museum festival on the streets. One of our favorite displays was this cow. IMG_3155And Just like that summer came to an end. When I returned, it was time for me to pick up my new school ID, which indicated that year three as an educator was commencing. IMG_3169

Another special moment was the birth of little Brayden. This makes cousin number…. He is the youngest and I’m the oldest. Holding him in arms felt tender and warm. IMG_3231

For my birthday, I took the girls to the forests of Colorado, and we zip lined. This wasn’t my first time, but for Cheli and Lili it was. It was so much fun to have them enjoy this moment. IMG_3251

Remember my Def Leppard obsession? Well, gosh darn it, your girl made it out to one of their concerts. I don’t have to tell you that I literally “Rocked Out.” My obsession grew, if that’s even possible. IMG_3256

After close to 5 years, I went to my old stomping grounds, and visited Southwestern College. The school that taught me about life. Oh how I missed those 77 steps and walking to and from my  journalism classes on the daily.

*The year isn’t over just yet, but I’m still beyond excited to see what 2016 has in store for me, my family, my life, my job, and this blog. Thank you for all of your love and support. It means the world to me.

As always, AleyRojas

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