FAT cat-eye


I plan on dedicating this week solely to beauty and makeup because I am becoming more and more comfortable with experimenting with different products. I have to thank Birchbox of course. This month, I was given some awesome goodies, for example this eyeliner.

I’m big on cat eyes! It’s my absolute “go to” style. I tend not to leave the house without a perfected line above the lids. Currently I’m using a liquid eyeliner from MAC, but then this baby came in and knocked my dedicated liner to the bottom of shelf.

The main reason why I’m so in love (obsessing) over Eyeko London’s FAT eyeliner is because it’s easy to use, it’s fat and skin all- in- one. It’s a perfect liner for thick lines as well as skinner ones. I also love it because while it is smudge proof (it wears all day); it’s also easy to remove. I can also apply it to the bottom/water line without fear a nuclear shower storm. I’m so thankful for this product.

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