Lip Tint

It is extremely hard for me to find “lip” anything that won’t dry, damage, or peel off parts of my lips. While it’s partly my fault that my bottom lip received stitches once a time ago, now I must face the consequences of that accident, and make due with what I can find. Of course what I pick up must be pleasing to these lips of mine. For the longest time the only products that would fit fairly were Carmex and Revlon lipsticks. And by the way lip glosses are a huge NO!

So, when this little item, Peripera’s Tint Juice came in my Birchbox I was beyond jumping for joy. Here’s the thing, this item is literally a juice, but it dries perfectly into a tint (color) naturally and pleasing. This water based tint is nourished with fruit complex and includes papaya extract.

I enjoyed this product so much because while my lips aren’t lavishing; they don’t crack, peel, and damage either. And a huge and major plus is that this tint also covers my very visible scar.


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