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At least give me an “A” for effort.

I’ve always had a wild fascination with contouring. I’m simply amazed at all the women who can pull it off and pull it off well. This technique looks simple, but it’s more work than I thought, for the average person. Since my New Year resolution was to familiarize myself with beauty, for Christmas I gifted myself the trio contour kit from Smashbox. It seemed easy enough to use considering there are only three colors in the kit, the contour, bronzer, and highlight. For a beginner, like myself, this was a recommended palette. Fair enough. But difficult enough more. It’s not that I struggled, or maybe I do, who knows? Anyway below this what the end result looks like.


I don’t really see a whole lot of difference other than the fact that my nose and cheeks stand out and are more defined. Below is what the pre-blend looks like.


Before I use the highlight section on the Smashbox palette, I use my Revlon Colorstay Concealer. After I’ve blended everything together I also go back and add some shine in the nose, forehead and cheek area using “MAKE” which a skin illuminator in LLos.


It’s hard for me to contour everyday, but when I go out, or there’s a special occasion I tend to use this method as my go to. So far I like the results, I just feel like I need more practice and time.

Please give me feedback on your thoughts on these products and my application method. It will be appreciated. Thanks. As always.

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  1. I’m not a professional makeup artist but I have been trying to learn how to contour myself and here are some tips I learned : a stippling brush for blending comes out much better than a beauty blender, when you blend blend in a circular motion upwards not just back and fourth, and set it with a powder but also never neglect your cheeks and always add a bit of blush! Hope these work for you too

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