Shellac for the win


I don’t usually go the nail salon and I have never made it a ritual to get my nails done professional. I usually like to do my nails on my own as one of those “being a girl” privileges, but more than a month ago, I got my nails did.

My aunt gets this thing called Shellac. I had never heard of this and you can laugh and make fun of the fact that is has been around for years and that I haven’t found the mythical unicorn like I thought I did.

Here are my thoughts. It’s an awesome deal. So the picture above are my current nails, like I mentioned before, the first time I got this done was before Christmas break. So as you can see it wears well. The obvious is that the gel based polish has began to pull itself with my growing nail. According to the nail artist, shellac adds strength and durability to the nail. I’ve noticed this tremendously in the sense that my nails have chipped or cracked like they usually do when I traditionally paint them myself. Also, shellac is said to be less damaging,who would’t consider that a plus.

In addition, and this was my favorite, my nails are instantly dry when I leave the salon. That’s where Shellac takes the win.

This week has been super crazy for me (this entire month has) so I won’t be getting the nails done until next week. Once I do, I’ll post a first time round-look.

If you use Shellac, what do you like most about it?

2 thoughts on “Shellac for the win

  1. If I get mine done I have gels, which is vertually they same. But either way for me they never last longer than a week before at least one has started to come off and then they get on my nerves and I have to take them all off. I wish I wasn’t such a picker they look so good when they’re done. I’ve resigned myself to just having natural nails

  2. I get gel nails done every single time I go to the nail salon. Honestly it’s just so worth the price. I USUALLY like to go every two weeks to get my nails done but sometimes I have to wait longer and with the gel nails they can still look decent. I’ll never do acrylics or regular polish!

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