Falling back

“It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority, it’s necessary.

-Mandy Hale


I understand that it’s been a long time since my last post. Ten months to be exact. The sad reality is that this site notified me of the long absent months. In a sense, I had completely forgot about blogging. Why? Well because I’ve been busy. I’ve been busy at work, with my students, my responsibilities, I’ve got a boyfriend now, and I’m very active at church.  Those are all great things. Those are all things that I need in my life. Those are all things that make me happy. Honestly. I’m so blessed.

However, all of those things required “me” to do things for others. No for me. The whole purpose of this site was to make room for me. For “Aley Time.” Obviously it hasn’t been happening. There’s no one to blame, but myself.

I’ve been fighting with the word “selfish” a lot lately. In its context it’s a negative word. We don’t want to be selfish, we want to give, we want to share, and we want to put others first. But, what if all that means is compromising ourselves? Then it doesn’t seem all that right. Where does me, myself, and I fit into all of this?

The best way for me to explain my recent acts of “selfish” is to peruse the route that makes me happy. And it makes me happy to blog. Here’s my thinking, I’m going to choose to make myself happy first (the selfish part), because the happier I am with myself–the happier I will be when it comes fulfilling my hectic schedule.

To sum it all up, I’m doing it for you. I’m taking care of me so that I can best serve you.


So here’s to loving myself. I’m blogging again. My first post is a style post. As you’ve probably noticed I’ve changed my site up  just a little bit. I’ve got categories. Yay! I’m not only going to update you on my clothes, shoes, and makeup, but also on traveling, my life (all the crazy things and people that surround me), food, and of course the spiritual side of me. Please check all the tabs out. Also because it’s sort of a newish site I’ve changed the name from aleyrojas to alwaysaley. It’s just an effort to re-brand myself.

Anyway, it’s fall so I’m sharing what I’ve been wearing lately. Of course I’m sporting fall colors, like green, brown, and red. This is one of my favorite scarves and sweater. They are so neutral and they serve so many different purposes.

Thanks for reading my first post back. Feedback is appreciated.


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