My dad


Today is the day God created this wonderful man. My father.

He and I have shared so many wonderful memories. It’s hard to believe that I’ve spent 28-years alongside the man who has shaped my entire life.

He’s taught me everything I know. He’s a tough cookie, he demands nothing but the best, and for that I’m grateful for. I can recall multiple times in my life, moments of great defeat, him looking at me straight in the eye and telling me “you hear me, don’t you ever let anyone tell you aren’t good enough, because you’re the smartest and most beautiful girl I know.” I suppose one of the main reasons he’s so important to me is that he never told me “no, you can’t.” He always supported me, pushed me, lifted me up, fought for me, and beside me, he’s laughed with me, he’s lectured me, he’s made me mad, he’s been everything. He’s been there.

Secondly, he constantly proves to me not just what a loving father should be, but also what a devoted husband is, a great brother, uncle, and friend he is. Through his hard-work and devotion to the Lord, my father has lead a life of humble and honest work. He strives to make us happy, whether that’s wearing socks with holes so that we have clothes on our backs. I’ve never been in need because he’s broken his back. And at the end of the day he still directs me to the Lord.

Today, especially, but everyday, I celebrate the man that’s been consistent in my life. The man I know will still be lecturing me even when I’m 50. I praise the Lord everyday for giving me a father like mine. I don’t deserve him, but yet I thank Him.

Happy Birthday dad, I love you as always.

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