It’s a short work week, but there’s a million and one things to do. Plus, it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything accomplished, oy vey! Even more so, the boyfriend came in to see me during our break so that we could both plan when we were going to see each other this week, yea it’s that bad.

Pause for a moment. Yes, there are going to be crazy days, days where we have to really prioritize. That in itself seems insane. What’s important? For me, it’s the little things in life. For example wearing this dress in the chilly weather.  I have to enjoy this moment. I have to appreciate the time that I have left to bare the legs.

Secondly, I’ve had time to examine what my life has become! So again, the boyfriend is majorly into hunting, and he took me to some hunting auction. It was to benefit the youth, so I mean, I guess that’s okay. As I was sitting across from him, staring at the man that holds my hand every chance he gets, I realized “I’m in love with someone who literally makes it a sport to kill deer, and dove, and pheasants.” And yes, that’s my life, now.

Today, as I was putting this dress on, I gasped! Oh no it has doves! In an effort to cover them up, which honestly I couldn’t, I used one of my new purple sweaters. For some odd reason, I felt bad that I was wearing something, my boyfriend shoots. And that I have ate before! Why was I feeling this way? I came to the conclusion that the sole reason I felt guilty was because this “hunting” business was new to me. I had to give it a chance. And I am. Slowly.

For now the purple sweater makes me feel fairly at ease.


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